Specialists in ensuring the hygiene and safety of healthcare, GP and medical premises.


At Go Green Cleaning, we specialise in proving environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that meet the rigorous standards of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Whether it's a medical office, GP clinic, or healthcare facility. Our services ensure your healthcare environment is not only visibly clean but also conforms to the highest hygiene and safety protocols.

CQC Compliance
Understanding and adhering to the care Quality Commission standards is at the core of our operation. We ensure that your facility not only looks clean but meets healthcare cleaning regulations.

Safety First
Our cleaning prioritise safety, utilising non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning agents to protects patients, staff and the environment from harsh chemicals typically found in cleaning products.

Risk Management
Methodically identifying and eradicating potential health risks with a proactive approach to cleaning and infection control.

Maintain long-term safety and compliance assurance.

If you are looking for a cleaning provider that understands the requirements of CQC, then we can help you implement procedures to lower the risk of spreading infections. With our strict cleaning routine, we will ensure all areas of your practice are thoroughly cleaned. Book your cleaning session today.
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